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The world's leading glass container maker, O-I, and Visy today jointly announced an agreement to build a high-technology optical glass sorting plant in Auckland. The agreement, which both parties describe as a landmark agreement for the future of glass recycling in New Zealand, will deliver a 120,000 tonne capacity plant to colour sort and maximise use of the country's post consumer recycled glass - called cullet.

Drink prices would rise by up to 14 cents per container, potentially adding a dollar to the cost of a carton of beer, if the container deposit levy (CDL) scheme were adopted across the nation, the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) says. Environment ministers are set to meet next week to discuss the proposal.

Open letter to all recycling businesses;

The Ministry for the Environment will begin implementation of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 in July. The Act will create significant opportunities for your business if you seize the opportunity early. Equally, in today's competitive market, not being aware of the Acts scope could pose threats to your business.

Reduced volumes to landfill will mean rates will increase, simply because the fixed costs of the landfill still need to be met.. Your recycling business will look more attractive to your existing clients and to a wider range than before. To win you need to be thinking how to raise your profile and how to make your business look that much more attractive to the wide range of general public and business waste producers.

Priority Products

The Act is going to be used to target specific problem wastes. The list under scrutiny includes, but is not limited to; vehicles, lead-acid batteries, tyres, chemicals, oil, electrical and electronic wastes, mercury bearing lights, packaging. Being in a position to accept and manage priority products will increase your profile and will attract business. With that you will gain access to a wider range of materials to - whatever your core activity is. Even knowing who to work with will be an asset to you.

Product Stewardship

To deal with the priority products and others there will be several new industry transitions running recovery and recycling programmes for all manner of discarded, redundant products. Being aware of these and having the right connections will create more opportunities for your business.

Now its time for you to be ready

RONZ and its affiliated industry organisations have been working on the Act for more than three years trying to shape it to best advantage the recycling industry in general. We cannot understate the importance of you being aware over the next few months. The MfE is holding a final series of workshops very soon. For a list of dates and venues click here. RONZ recommends you make the effort to attend and learn as much as you can. Once you have realised the Act will mean opportunities please consider contacting us; we may be able to help your business make more money by putting you in touch with an opportunity. RONZ is about getting you MORE - more volume, more variety and more value.

How can RONZ help you?

We have made many submissions to select committees and particicpated in several workshops as advocates for the industry and with the objective of getting best position for recyclers. If you have an issue you would like to see taken forward but don't have time or capability to prepare it fully we will work with you to do it on your behalf. Where possible we will seek concensus to be sure that your proposal or topic is reasonably genric in the NZ context. Please feel free to email James and you will get a response To help the public and industry to find your business we have been researching the recycling industry in NZ and creating a database that enables targeted searches by region, product/good/material.

Do a search yourself to see if your business comes up! We are identifying those businesses that are RONZ members to raise their profile and credibility that little extra and you will see that the database includes every possible means of your business being found. When we get enquiries for recycling help, most days we get several, we refer them directly to the companies that might be able to help - we priorities our members, for obvious reasons.