Whether you have just finished a massive home renovation project, or did some heavy-duty spring cleaning, and have to get rid of a lot of waste in a hurry, a skip bin hire is a perfect solution for you.

You might think calling up your local skip bin hire Auckland company would be enough to get rid of the rubbish. Yes, it is. But we have charted out some helpful tips that will let you make the most of your time and money.

Let’s dig in.


Identify and determine the type of waste you have

For effective waste management practice, you need to identify the kind of trash you have and which category it falls into. This could also affect the choice of the bin you hire. More on that below.

Wastes are generally classified into 3 categories:


  1. General waste – This includes both commercial and household waste, but not freezers, asbestos, and hazardous matter.


  1. Hard waste – Construction rubbish like bricks, shingles, tiles, etc. fall into this category.


  1. Green waste – Think grass and garden cuttings without any wet composite, tree stumps, or any extremely carbonaceous matter.


Check out your local skip bin rental’s website for more information.



Choose the type of bin you need for your waste disposal


How much skip space do you actually need? That is the question you need to answer before placing that call. Skip bins come in a lot of sizes and prices carry according to their cubic meterage. Most waste disposal suppliers offer 2-8 cubic meters sizes, but some offer even bigger ones for industrial waste.


Our advice – go for a size slightly larger than what you think you need because you cannot stuff the bin over the limit lines. And it is better to get a large bin that is half-filled, then place an order for another skip bin., if your rubbish gets to be too much.

Choose a location for the skip bin beforehand

The purpose of this is to save you time and headaches that arise by placing the heavy waste bin in the wrong place. You need a completely flat, leveled surface that has easy access to the rubbish you need to get rid of, as well as access to the road where the bin rental company’s truck can drive in and out.

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